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When you outsource work to a company in another country, also known as "offshoring," you essentially set up a branch of your business or team there. We, at OHJY, have a solution that no one else has.

Step 1

Please describe the personnel, IT, and infrastructure that you require.

We’ll start by discussing your company, your ambitions, and your goals. Then, we’ll be able to determine whether our outsourcing approach is practical for achieving your goals. If it’s feasible and will benefit your company, we’ll let you know; if not, we’ll suggest an alternate offshore staffing solution.

If you decide that our outsourcing solution is the best fit for you, we’ll work with you to draft thorough job descriptions for the initial positions you need to fill, which you can then give to our hiring staff. After that, we’ll talk with you about the IT and infrastructure needs you have, including the hardware, software, special tools, email platform, file-sharing method, communication tools, and other factors like working hours and shifts. In this manner, you are fully prepared for managing your overseas teams.

We’ll provide you with a cost sheet when we’re finished. As a result, you’ll be able to start making decisions about your firm that are based on your strategy, the possible savings, and your schedule for moving to an offshore location.

Step 2

We find and hire your staff, then set them up.

Next, we search our applicant pool of more than 200,000 people and the local market for prospects that fit your job descriptions.

We then provide you access to our shortlist so you can pick the employees who best fit your operations, corporate culture, and team dynamics. Naturally, you can do the same screening and interviewing you would if you were hiring local staff.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal team members, we hire them and set them up in our cutting-edge, modern office spaces, which include:

Step 3

We find and hire your staff, then set them up.

It’s time to put your team to work after we have everything set up and prepared.

Your offshore team is completely under your control, including their productivity, workflow, efficiency, and quality of work. But you won’t have to handle it all by yourself. We don’t simply give over your team and abdicate all management and operational duties. In fact, we make every effort to make sure your operation is a complete success.

During the engagement, we offer:

Throughout the engagement, we provide:

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Telling us what you need allows us to provide you with an estimate of our rates, which is all it takes to get started. Simply complete the following contact form, and one of our staffing consultants will call you to address all of your inquiries.

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