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Travel And Hospitality

A wide range of support services for the travel industry are provided by us, such as hotels and travel brokers. If you’re in this business, we can help you establish the ideal team to satisfy your clients.

Retail And E-Commerce

Grow your business with OHJY’s outsourced team. Reduce operational costs by using a lower-cost base team.

Banking and Finance

Our banking, finance, mortgage broking and accounting services comprise an extensive array of solutions for the financial industry. They are created by experts to help banks and financial institutions to formulate strategies to provide enhanced customer experience, explore new opportunities, maximize the cost of support, and improve the efficiency of business processes.

Real Estate

Many real estate offices lose thousands each month due to routine, low-value tasks. Increase office productivity and efficiency.


A healthcare professional’s job is to give patients quality care. Many doctors must balance patient care and paperwork. Outsourcing administrative tasks is cheaper than adding staff.

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